Grace in the Mud | Website Redesign | Omnia Creative Studio
Grace in the Mud | Website Redesign | Omnia Creative Studio

The Project

Grace in the Mud is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that provides enrichment programs that are designed specifically for girls ages 9, 10, 11 that is based on the results of an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study evaluation. Grace in the Mud partners with many community business owners, organizations, and professionals who enable them to provide unique and meaningful learning experiences, outside the classroom, helping to improve the trajectory of participants’ future choices.

Grace in the Mud had approached us in the fall of 2016 and had asked us if we were willing to donate our time to design & develop a new website for them. Being a Non-Profit organization, they had little to no resources so we gladly accepted and everyone on the Omnia Creative team chipped in and helped during “off-hours” and weekends to put together a beautiful new website for them that would help reach a broader audience and boost their cause. They are a great organization and look forward to their future growth!

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What We Did

Content & Architecture Audit
Responsive Web Design
Web Design & Development
On-Site Optimization

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